Food & drink 33

From the quiz on 15/11/16.

  1. From which country do the beers Bohemia, Dos Equis and Sol originate? Mexico

  2. Which major nutrient group is cut out in the Atkins diet? Carbohydrate

  3. Jay Rayner is the acerbic regular restaurant critic for which British Sunday newspaper? The Observer

  4. The wagyū, which is reared solely for its high-quality meat, is a prized Japanese breed of which farm animal? Cow

  5. Which organ is the central ingredient of the South Asian dish maghaz, the Mexican dish tacos de sesos and the French dish cervelle de veau? Brain

  6. Which English city lends its name to both a type of asparagus and a particular cut of pork cheek known as a chap? Bath

  7. Which liqueur must be added to a spirit, usually brandy or cognac, to make a stinger cocktail? Crème de menthe

  8. Which kind of long-grained rice has a name that literally means “fragrant” in Hindi? Basmati

  9. Which three vegetables constitute the so-called holy trinity of Cajun cuisine? Peppers, onions and celery

  10. Chicha and cauim are South American beer-like beverages traditionally made with which human bodily fluid? Saliva


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