Specialist: French cuisine

From the quiz on 8/11/16.

  1. From which animal’s milk is the classic French cheese Roquefort traditionally made? Ewe (sheep)

  2. What is the usual French name for the dish known in English as French toast? Pain perdu

  3. Which month of the French Republican Calendar lends its name to a dish of lobster cooked in a creamy sauce and replaced in its shell, often with a topping of browned Gruyère cheese? Thermidor

  4. What name, from a French dialect word meaning “to stuff”, is given to a flan-like dessert made from a rich batter traditionally studded with black cherries? Clafoutis

  5. Gâteau de foies de volaille (“chicken liver cake”) and a cheese dip known as cervelle de canut (“silk worker’s brain”) are dishes in the offal-rich cuisine of which French city, where they are served in traditional restaurants called bouchons? Lyon


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