History 31

From the quiz on 1/11/16.

  1. From which European country did Cameroon, Chad, Mauritania, Benin, Gabon, Togo, Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Madagascar and Republic of the Congo all achieve independence in 1960? France

  2. In 1930, Amy Johnson became the first woman to fly solo from the UK to which other country? Australia

  3. In 2004, in which town in Russia did insurgents from Chechnya take over a school and eventually kill hundreds of hostages after a three-day stand-off? Beslan

  4. What was the name of the English businessman who in 1991 caused the near-total collapse of his company when he joked on TV that his products were “total crap”? Gerald Ratner

  5. Which King of England and which King of France met at the Field of the Cloth of Gold in 1520? Henry VIII and Francis I

  6. According to the historian Suetonius, which Roman emperor opened a brothel in his palace, was “in habitual incest with all his sisters” and planned to make his beloved horse Incitatus a consul? Caligula

  7. In 1872, which merchant ship was discovered near the Azores in seaworthy condition and with cargo intact, but with all crew members missing and a final log entry dated nine days earlier? Mary Celeste

  8. Which US Secretary of State and which French foreign minister lend their surnames to a pact of 1928 providing for the renunciation of war as an instrument of national policy? (Frank) Kellogg and (Aristide) Briand

  9. What five-word English phrase is applied both to a series of political murders orchestrated by Adolf Hitler in 1934 and to a major cabinet reshuffle conducted by Harold Macmillan in 1962? Night of the Long Knives

  10. What was the real first name of the US First Lady who is usually known as Lady Bird Johnson? Claudia


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