Specialist: The Great British Bake Off

From the quiz on 25/10/16.

  1. Which comedian hosts The Great British Bake Off’s companion show subtitled An Extra Slice? Jo Brand

  2. In the final of Series 2 (2011), which well-endowed animal appeared in a brief cutaway shot, causing considerable controversy? Squirrel

  3. In Series 4 (2013), what did Deborah Manger accidentally steal from fellow contestant Howard Middleton, with whom she was sharing a fridge? Custard

  4. Who won Series 3 (2012) of The Great British Bake Off despite an incident in which he cut his hand so badly on a food processor that he was unable to finish his strudel? John Whaite

  5. In Series 5 (2014), which of his bakes did Iain Watters infamously put in the bin after fellow contestant Diana Beard removed it from the freezer and left it to melt? Baked Alaska


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