Science, nature & technology 33

From the quiz on 25/10/16.

  1. On the Internet, which HTTP status code indicates that the requested resource was not found? 404

  2. By what two word name is the temperature defined as −273.15°C more commonly known? Absolute zero

  3. What is the common name of Paullinia cupana, a shrub native to the Amazon basin whose caffeine-rich seeds have been used since ancient times as a natural stimulant? Guaraná

  4. What does a person with monorchism only have one of? Testicle

  5. Which transition metal has atomic number 41 and takes its name from a daughter of Tantalus in Greek mythology, because it is chemically similar to the element tantalum? Niobium

  6. In which zodiacal constellation is the centre of the Milky Way? Sagittarius

  7. Which infectious bacterial disease may be detected using the Mantoux test and immunized against using the BCG (Bacillus Calmette–Guérin) vaccine? Tuberculosis

  8. How many horns do the white, black and Sumatran rhinoceroses (usually) have? 2

  9. Gout is a kind of arthritis caused by an excess of which acid in the blood? Uric acid

  10. In geometry, what name is given to the three-dimensional analogue of a parallelogram, that is, a hexahedron with three pairs of parallel faces? Parallelepiped

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