Geography 31

From the quiz on 25/10/16.

  1. What colour is the Scandinavian cross on the flag of Denmark? White

  2. Which Commonwealth country is often referred to as the “wide brown land” in reference to a patriotic poem of 1908 by Dorothea Mackellar? Australia

  3. On which river does Berlin stand? Spree

  4. The second-highest mountain in Africa is located in and shares its name with which East African country? Kenya

  5. On which island, the majority of which is owned by Indonesia, is the country of Brunei situated? Borneo

  6. The Akashi-Kaikyō bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world, connects Awaji Island in the Seto inland sea to which major Japanese port city? Kobe

  7. The river Waveney forms the majority of the border between which two English counties? Norfolk and Suffolk

  8. Which Asian country was known to medieval Europe by the Turkish-derived name Cathay? China

  9. From 1903 until it was formally turned over in 1999 in accordance with the Torrijos–Carter Treaties, the US controlled a narrow strip of territory in which Latin American country? Panama

  10. What name, ultimately of Mongolian origin, is given to the vast coniferous forests that cover much of subarctic North America and Eurasia, such as those between the tundra and steppes of Siberia? Taiga

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