General knowledge 103

From the quiz on 18/10/16.

  1. What animal were the Tamworth Two, who escaped from an abattoir and went on the run in Wiltshire for an entire week in 1998? Pigs

  2. In which Australian city is the popular surfing destination Bondi Beach? Sydney

  3. A leopard, an anchor, a rose and a castle are the four marks used by which British institutions, located in London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh? Assay offices

  4. Of which material is xylophobia the irrational fear? Wood

  5. In which Sunday newspaper are the Azed and Everyman cryptic crosswords published? The Observer

  6. In which English county are the hilltop park known as The Heights of Abraham, the prestigious Repton School, and Chatsworth House? Derbyshire

  7. What weather-related nickname is commonly given to Chopin’s Prélude Op. 28 No. 15 because of its repeated A-flat? Raindrop

  8. What precise family relationship was James Bond author Ian Fleming to James Bond actor Christopher Lee? Step-cousin

  9. Aegyo is a kind of cute, feminine, childlike demeanour that plays an important role in the popular culture of which Asian country? South Korea

  10. Announcing the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936, reading the ultimatum to Germany in 1939 and announcing the victory at El Alamein in 1942 are among the many historic broadcasts delivered by which BBC newsreader? Alvar Lidell


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