Sport & games 30

From the quiz on 11/10/16.

  1. In which European country is the Eredivisie (“honorary division”) the highest tier of professional football? Netherlands

  2. In American football, what religious name is given to a long forward pass made by a quarterback in the closing moments of a game? Hail Mary

  3. Which cricket ground in Kolkata, which is home to both Bengal and the Kolkata Knight Riders, is the second-largest cricket stadium in the world (behind Melbourne Cricket Ground)? Eden Gardens

  4. In rugby union, in which position does a person wearing a number 6 or 7 shirt play? Flanker (wing forward)

  5. Which English city is home to top-level professional sports teams called the Jets (American football), Bees (speedway) and Blaze (ice hockey)? Coventry

  6. In 1994, who became the first (and to date only) Canadian to win a World Darts Championship? John Part

  7. In ice hockey, what name is given to the illegal obstruction of an opponent with the stick held in both hands? Cross-checking

  8. Which other Jamaican sprinter held the world record for the men’s 100m when it was beaten by Usain Bolt in 2008? Asafa Powell

  9. Which Australian golfer, who won the Open in 1986 and 1993, was world number one for a total of 331 weeks, second only to Tiger Woods’s record of 683? Greg Norman

  10. In dressage, what name, from the French for “to strut”, is given to a movement in which the horse executes a slow trot without moving forward? Piaffe


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