Specialist: Salvador Dalí

From the quiz on 11/10/16.

  1. In a 1937 painting by Dalí, which animals are formed by the reflections of three swans on a lake? Elephants

  2. In his 1942 autobiography The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí, he states that the idea for the melting pocket watches in The Persistence of Memory came from observing which cheese melting in the sun? Camembert

  3. In which town in Catalonia is the Dalí Theatre and Museum, which is home to the single largest collection of works by Salvador Dalí? Figueres

  4. A hat shaped like a shoe, a jet-black dress with padding representing human bones and a white veiled dress covered in fake rips and tears are among the many collaborations in the 1930s between Dalí and which Italian fashion designer? Elsa Schiaparelli

  5. In a 1954 painting by Dalí partially entitled Crucifixion, Jesus is depicted crucified not on a cross but on the cross-shaped net of which geometric shape? Tesseract (4-cube, four-dimensional [hyper]cube)


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