History 30

From the quiz on 11/10/16.

  1. Whose death was investigated by a commission that was established by Lyndon B. Johnson and is commonly known as the Warren Commission after its chairman, Chief Justice Earl Warren? John F. Kennedy

  2. What name, from the French for “sliding gate”, is given to an iron grating that may be lowered to prevent access to a castle or other fortification? Portcullis

  3. In which year of the 20th century did China become a republic, New Mexico and Arizona join the United States, and RMS Titanic sink? 1912

  4. Which pretender to the British throne instigated and led the Jacobite uprising of 1745–6? Bonnie Prince Charlie (Charles Edward Stuart)

  5. What was the codename of the Allied invasion of northern France in 1944 that began with Operation Neptune, the Normandy landings, on 6th June? Operation Overlord

  6. What were the first names of the Bunker twins, two conjoined Thai brothers who were the inspiration for the English phrase ‘Siamese twins’? Chang and Eng

  7. Sobhuza II, who holds the record for the longest (verified) reign of any monarch, ruled which African country for about 82⅔ years between 1899 and 1982? Swaziland

  8. Which Greek author wrote Parallel Lives, a collection of biographies of prominent Romans and Greeks arranged in pairs to highlight similarities in vice and in virtue? Plutarch

  9. What is the name of the woman who is traditionally credited with having made the very first American flag in 1776? Betsy Ross

  10. What is the name of the British engineer who designed both Flying Scotsman, the first steam locomotive to officially break 100mph, and Mallard, which still holds the steam locomotive land speed record (about 126mph)? Nigel Gresley


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