Specialist: Gilbert & Sullivan

From the quiz on 4/10/16.

  1. Which Gilbert & Sullivan opera, subtitled The Peer and the Peri, concerns a fairy who has been banished from fairyland for marrying a human and whose half-fairy son Strephon, along with half the House of Lords, is in love with a young shepherdess named Phyllis? Iolanthe

  2. Which English Poet Laureate wrote the 1847 poem The Princess, on which Gilbert & Sullivan’s comic opera Princess Ida is based? Alfred, Lord Tennyson

  3. In Mike Leigh’s 1999 film Topsy-Turvy, which English actor stars as W. S. Gilbert opposite Allan Corduner as Arthur Sullivan? Jim Broadbent

  4. The phrase “short sharp shock”, meaning a brief but severe custodial sentence, was coined in the song I Am So Proud from which Gilbert & Sullivan opera? The Mikado

  5. Which London theatre was established by Richard D’Oyly Carte in 1881 to stage productions of Gilbert & Sullivan operas? Savoy Theatre


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