Science, nature & technology 32

From the quiz on 4/10/16.

  1. What is the common name of the even-toed ungulate with binomial name Cervus elaphus, whose males are the largest land animals native to the British Isles? Red deer

  2. The German chemist Friedrich August Kekulé is best known for discovering the aromatic structure of which fundamental organic compound, supposedly after a daydream in which he saw a snake eating its own tail? Benzene

  3. Mycology is the scientific study of which large kingdom of organisms? Fungi

  4. What is the name of the astronaut who piloted the orbiting command module Columbia while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the Moon in 1969? Michael Collins

  5. Which radioisotope of strontium is the longest-lived with a half-life of about 29 years and is a significant health hazard because it can replace calcium in human teeth and bones? Strontium-90

  6. In computing, IMAP and POP3 are the two most commonly-used protocols for interacting with what kind of Internet-based service? E-mail

  7. Which mathematician and physicist lends his name to a disk that, when spun on a slightly concave surface, experiences an apparently-paradoxical rapid increase in spin rate as it loses energy and comes to rest? (Leonhard) Euler

  8. Nubian, Rothschild’s and Reticulated are subspecies of which even-toed ungulate that is endemic to Africa? Giraffe

  9. What is the equivalent in zoology of the taxonomic rank that in botany is known as a ‘division’? Phylum

  10. In knot theory, what name, in reference to the coat of arms of an aristocratic family from Lombardy, is given to a set of three rings linked in such a way that removing any one ring results in the remaining two becoming unlinked? Borromean rings


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