Entertainment 42

From the quiz on 4/10/16.

  1. Which English comedian performed regularly on British television with his puppet Emu in the 1970s and 1980s? Rod Hull

  2. In the 1988 film Rain Man, what is the name of the title character’s silver-tongued car-dealer brother played by Tom Cruise? Charlie Babbitt

  3. Which Nintendo character is the announcer of the 2003 GameCube game Pac-Man Vs., which was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto? Mario

  4. Which English actor and comedian co-writes (with Arthur Matthews) the Channel 4 sitcom Toast of London, stars as its title character, Steven Toast, and sings its theme tune, Take My Hand? Matt Berry

  5. Which 1933 Laurel and Hardy film lends its title to the official international Laurel and Hardy appreciation society? Sons of the Desert

  6. What is the two-letter title of the 2014 film, directed by Rajkumar Hirani and starring Aamir Khan, that is the highest-grossing Indian film of all time? PK

  7. The 2009 film Moon, starring Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey, was the feature-length directorial début of which singer–songwriter’s only son? David Bowie

  8. In the animated children’s TV series Jamie and the Magic Torch, Jamie’s dog shares his name with which English Romantic poet? Wordsworth

  9. Which Japanese company created and develop the popular King’s Field, Armored Core and Souls series of video games? FromSoftware

  10. In 2000, which American actor became WCW World Heavyweight Champion in an extremely unpopular and controversial storyline designed to promote the recently-released wrestling film Ready to Rumble? David Arquette


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