Specialist: heraldry

From the quiz on 27/9/16.

  1. In heraldry in England and Wales, what is signified by an armigerous (entitled to arms) woman displaying her arms on a lozenge (diamond) or oval? That she is unmarried

  2. What name is given to a full display of a coat of arms together with all bearings to which a bearer of arms is entitled? Achievement (of arms)

  3. The phrase en abyme describes the placement of a device in which specific location on an escutcheon (shield)? In the centre

  4. What name is given to the position in which beasts, birds and other creatures are blazoned, an example being salient for an animal on its hind legs with forepaws raised as if leaping? Attitude

  5. Vair is a pattern of interlocking bell-like figures, typically alternating blue and white, that represents the fur of which animal? Squirrel


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