Food & drink 31

From the quiz on 27/9/16.

  1. What name, perhaps after a UK Prime Minister, is given to a dish of beef coated in pâté and wrapped in puff pastry? Beef Wellington

  2. What is the usual English name for the cake known in its native German as Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte? Black Forest gâteau

  3. Which Bourbon whiskey–based cocktail is the traditional drink of the Kentucky Derby? Mint julep

  4. Bhindi, gumbo and ladies’ fingers are three of the many alternative names of which vegetable of the mallow family, whose binomial name is Abelmoschus esculentus? Okra

  5. Pho, a type of noodle soup typically served with thinly-sliced beef or chicken, is a traditional dish of which Asian country? Vietnam

  6. The names of the almond liqueur Amaretto, the herbal liqueur Amaro, the wine Amarone, the almond-flavoured biscuits amaretti and the maraschino cherry all make direct etymological reference to which of the five basic tastes? Bitter (Italian: ‘amaro’)

  7. What kind of animal is cured and fermented to make the foul-smelling traditional Icelandic dish called hákarl? Shark (usually Greenland shark)

  8. Pearl, foxtail, proso and finger are the four major species of which cereal, prized for its high yield, fast growth and resistance to drought? Millet

  9. Port wine is produced exclusively in Portugal in the valley of which river that empties into the Atlantic Ocean near Oporto? Douro

  10. What name, literally meaning “little reeds”, is given to a traditional Italian dessert consisting of fried pastry tubes with a creamy filling typically made from sweetened ricotta cheese? Cannoli


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