Beliefs & traditions 6

From the quiz on 27/9/16.

  1. In Greek mythology, in which ship does Jason sail in search of the Golden Fleece? Argo

  2. In the Book of Exodus, what did God use to communicate to Moses on Mount Horeb that he was to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land, Canaan? Burning bush

  3. Le Morte d’Arthur, one of the main stores of Arthurian legend in English, was compiled or written in the 15th century by which English author? Thomas Malory

  4. In Mahayana Buddhism, what name, from the Sanskrit for “one whose essence is perfect knowledge”, is given to a person who delays their own enlightenment in order to help all other sentient beings attain nirvana? Bodhisattva

  5. The koru, a traditional spiral-shaped Māori symbol often used to represent creation, is a stylized representation of the unfurling frond of which plant endemic to New Zealand? Silver fern

  6. In Norse mythology, what animal is Heiðrún, who produces mead for slain warriors in Valhalla? Goat

  7. The Universal House of Justice the supreme governing institution of which religion founded in Persia in the 19th century? Bahá’í

  8. The Gurning World Championships, in which competitors must put their head through a horse collar and make the ugliest face possible, are held each year as part of the Egremont Crab Fair in which English county? Cumbria (historically Cumberland)

  9. What is the full three-word name of the city and UNESCO World Heritage Site in Galicia in northern Spain whose cathedral is the reputed burial place of St James the Greater? Santiago de Compostela

  10. Historically used as a skin whitener and makeup remover by kabuki actors and geisha, uguisu no fun is a traditional facial cosmetic made from which product of the Japanese bush warbler? Excrement


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