Connections 12

From the quiz on 20/9/16.

  1. Which file format for compressed archives was created in 1989 by Phil Katz, who chose the name to suggest its speed advantage over the popular ARC? Zip

  2. Which James Bond film was the first to feature Q, has a theme tune composed by Lionel Bart and sung by Matt Monro, and was the last film ever seen by John F. Kennedy? From Russia with Love

  3. The final of which tournament was contested for the very first time by Southampton and Stewarton Thistle at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in 1971? FA Women’s Cup

  4. Which 1986 live-action film produced by George Lucas and starring a Marvel character of the same name is widely considered one of the worst films of all time, with every one of the six actors who portrayed the title character receiving a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst New Star? Howard the Duck

  5. What connects the answers to questions 1–4? Zero (zip, love, FA, duck)

  6. In a Flash animation first uploaded in 2005 to the website Newgrounds, what is the name of the unicorn who travels with two others to the mythical Candy Mountain, only to discover that it was all a ruse to steal his kidney? Charlie

  7. What nickname, after a novelty instrument invented by comedian Bob Burns, was given to a series of US anti-tank rocket launchers beginning with the M1 in 1942? Bazooka

  8. Damien Hirst, Stephen Merchant, James May, Cary Grant, Judd Trump, and possibly Blackbeard were all born in which English city? Bristol

  9. Blue-footed, red-footed, Nazca and Peruvian are species of which large tropical seabird of the genus Sula? Booby

  10. What connects the answers to questions 6–9? Slang terms for breasts when plural


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