Science, nature & technology 31

From the quiz on 13/9/16.

  1. Which element, which is gaseous at standard temperature and pressure, is the most abundant element in the Earth’s crust? Oxygen

  2. What colour is a blaze, a broad stripe that runs the length of the face in certain horses? White

  3. What adjective is applied to any chemical element whose atomic number is greater than 92? Transuranic (transuranium)

  4. Which 18th-century German physician lends his surname to an effect whereby a liquid in contact with a surface much hotter than the liquid’s boiling point produces an insulating vapour layer that prevents rapid evaporation? (Johann Gottlob) Leidenfrost

  5. In particle physics, which subatomic particle is composed of two up quarks and one down quark? Proton

  6. In mathematics, what name, from the Latin for “four”, is is given to the four-dimensional noncommutative algebraic structure that results from adjoining to the real numbers three new numbers i, j and k that satisify i²=j²=k²=ijk=-1? Quaternions

  7. Which Dutch astronomer lends his surname to a conjectured spherical cloud of icy planetesimals that is believed to surround the Sun at a distance of 1–2 light years? (Jan) Oort

  8. Plains (or common), Grévy’s and mountain are the three extant species of which mammal endemic to Africa? Zebra

  9. Which Finnish software engineer wrote the very first version of the Linux kernel in 1991 and continues to oversee its development? Linus Torvalds

  10. In evolutionary biology, what name, from the Greek for “away from” and “sign”, is given to an animal’s use of colours and markings as warning signals to deter potential predators? Aposematism


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