General knowledge 98

From the quiz on 13/9/16.

  1. Men of Harlech, which recounts the seven-year siege of Harlech Castle from 1461 to 1468, is a traditional song of which constituent country of the UK? Wales

  2. In which fictional land do the majority of games in the Legend of Zelda series take place? Hyrule

  3. Whose eighth symphony in E flat major is commonly known as the Symphony of a Thousand in reference to the extremely large array of singers and instruments required to perform it? Gustav Mahler

  4. The national flag of Algeria depicts a red star and crescent on a field divided vertically into which two colours? White and green

  5. Which instrument was played by jazz bandleader and so-called King of Swing Benny Goodman? Clarinet

  6. Der Schwächste fliegt!, El rival más débil and Le Maillon faible were international versions of which quiz show that originated in the UK? The Weakest Link

  7. Which British monarch, who was born and died in Sandringham House, was both the first Head of the Commonwealth and the last Emperor of India? George VI

  8. Which popular confectionery is named after a 1901 comedy play by J. M. Barrie? Quality Street

  9. The areas of New York City known as NoHo and SoHo are so named because they are respectively situated north and south of which major street? Houston Street

  10. In 1985, the world’s first .com domain was registered by which American company, known for their Lisp machines, the operating system Genera and the computer algebra system Macsyma? Symbolics


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