Specialist: snooker

From the quiz on 6/9/16.

  1. In a match against John Spencer at the 1982 Classic, which English snooker player made the first televised maximum break of 147? Steve Davis

  2. What is the maximum possible break in snooker allowing for the situation in which an opponent fouls and leaves the player snookered on all fifteen reds? 155

  3. Introduced in 2012, the International Championship is a major professional snooker tournament held annually in which non-European country? China

  4. Which two colours were added in snooker plus, a variant introduced in 1959 by Joe Davis in an abortive attempt to boost the sport’s popularity? Orange and purple

  5. Which rotund Canadian snooker player, who reached the World Snooker Championship quarter-finals four times between 1978 and 1983, was infamous for his prodigious alcohol consumption, which routinely included at least six pints of lager before each match and one pint for each frame? Bill Werbeniuk


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