Specialist: Norse mythology

From the quiz on 6/9/16

  1. How many successive winters constitute Fimbulvetr, the extreme winter that immediately precedes Ragnarök? Three

  2. What animal are Odin’s faithful companions Geri and Freki? Wolves

  3. Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld are three principal members of which race of female deities who reside in a well at the base of Yggdrasil and determine the fates of all humans? Norns (Nornir)

  4. The deities Frey and Freyja are the twin children of the god Njord by which of his relatives? Sister

  5. The clouds are said to have been created when which part of the ancestral jötunn (giant) Ymir was thrown into the sky? Brain

  6. What name, meaning “wrath” in Old Norse, is given to the sword with which the hero Sigurd (Siegfried) slays the dragon Fáfnir? Gram

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