Politics, philosophy & economics 11

From the quiz on 6/9/16.

  1. In office in 1924 and 1929–35, who was the first Labour Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? Ramsay MacDonald

  2. The Knesset, meaning “gathering”, is the unicameral parliament of which Asian country? Israel

  3. Which American transcendentalist philosopher wrote the 1854 work Walden; or, Life in the Woods, an account of his two-year experiment in self-sufficiency, independence and natural living in Concord, Massachusetts? Henry David Thoreau

  4. What name, literally meaning “flying away” in Japanese, is given to a fraudulent method of concealing a company’s investment losses by shifting them onto other clients or companies that are kept entirely separate? Tobashi

  5. Which Northern Irish politician and Protestant minister founded the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster in 1951 and the Democratic Unionist Party in 1971? Ian Paisley

  6. Which Finnish sociologist gives his name to a hypothetical effect through which individuals raised together experience reduced mutual sexual attraction? (Edvard) Westermarck

  7. Which English politician, who served as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party from 1983 to 1992, was famously replaced by a tub of lard when he failed to appear on an episode of Have I Got News for You? Roy Hattersley

  8. On which day of the week do the vast majority of European countries hold their general elections? Sunday

  9. In the US during the Cold War, which theory held that if one country came under communism, neighbouring countries would follow in a chain reaction? Domino theory

  10. Which two UK parliamentary constituencies, one in southwest England and the other in northeast England, are the only constituencies that are entirely surrounded by another? Bath and York Central


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