Trivia snake 23

From the quiz on 30/8/16.

  1. Which European capital city is home to bronze statues nicknamed The Tart with the Cart and The Floozie in the Jacuzzi? Dublin

  2. Get down, Shep!” was a catchphrase of which John, best known for co-presenting Blue Peter for a record 12 years 6 months between 1965 and 1978? (John) Noakes

  3. What name, from the Greek for “mouth”, is given to an artificial opening made in a tubular organ, especially in the colon or the ileum? Stoma

  4. Which US President was in office 1829–37 and was nicknamed Old Hickory because of his reputed toughness in battle, particularly at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815? Andrew Jackson

  5. The song Hurt, which was famously covered by Johnny Cash for his 2002 album American IV: The Man Comes Around, was originally recorded and released in 1995 by which industrial rock band? Nine Inch Nails

  6. Which Colombian-born American actress is best known for playing Gloria Pritchett in the US sitcom Modern Family, a role for which she has been nominated for four Emmys and four Golden Globes? Sofía Vergara

  7. Which American artist directed the 1969 film Blue Movie, which received a wide theatrical release in the USA and was infamous for its graphic depictions of unsimulated sex? Andy Warhol

  8. Beauty of Moscow, Firmament and Madame Lemoine are popular cultivars of which common flowering plant, whose binomial name is Syringa vulgaris? Lilac

  9. Which American saxophonist composed the jazz standards Ornithology, Yardbird Suite and Billie’s Bounce? Charlie Parker

  10. What is the first name of Jeeves in the series of comic novels by P. G. Wodehouse? Reginald


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