Specialist: ice hockey

From the quiz on 23/8/16.

  1. In ice hockey, what name is given to a deceptive feint performed in order to lure an opponent out of position? Deke

  2. For which NHL team, which he rescued from bankruptcy in 1999 and currently owns, did Mario Lemieux play for his entire professional career? Pittsburgh Penguins

  3. In 1955, a major riot erupted in the Montreal Forum after which Canadiens player was suspended for the entirety of the season for punching linesman Cliff Thompson in the face? Maurice Richard

  4. In ice hockey, which insect lends its name to a style of goaltending in which the goalie drops to his knees and forms a low, wide wall with his leg pads? Butterfly

  5. Which Czech right winger, who currently plays for the Florida Panthers, is the highest-scoring non-Canadian player in NHL history? Jaromír Jágr


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