General knowledge 95

From the quiz on 23/8/16.

  1. The term El Clásico refers to any match between which two Spanish football clubs? Barcelona and Real Madrid

  2. Which Canadian province is the most populous but only the second largest? Ontario

  3. In British predecimal coinage, how many shillings was a half-crown worth?

  4. What single colour is worn by so-called kuroko, performers in traditional Japanese kabuki, and bunraku theatre who are considered invisible and manipulate props on stage? Black

  5. In the early 3rd century BC, Zeno of Citium founded which school of philosophy, whose name derives from the painted portico in Athens where he disseminated his ideas? Stoicism

  6. CSS, a programming language typically used on the Web to describe the presentation of HTML documents, is an abbreviation of which three words? Cascading Style Sheets

  7. The Dickin Medal, which is awarded to animals for conspicuous military gallantry, is named in honour of the founder of which UK animal charity? PDSA

  8. Bachata, meaning “party” in local varieties of Spanish, is a style of romantic music and accompanying dance that originated in which Caribbean country? Dominican Republic

  9. Which Swedish politician was director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency from 1981 to 1997, most notably during the Chernobyl disaster of 1986? Hans Blix

  10. The Museum of Celebrity Leftovers, which includes a piece of bread and butter pudding left by Prince Charles and a piece of lemon drizzle cake left by Michael Winner, is located in the small village of Kingsand in which English county? Cornwall


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