Entertainment 39

From the quiz on 23/8/16.

  1. The 1987 film Robocop is set in a futuristic version of which US city? Detroit

  2. Who stars opposite Jack Lemmon in one of the title roles of the 1968 comedy film The Odd Couple? Walter Matthau

  3. What is the title of the Pokémon photography game that was developed by HAL Laboratory and released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64? Pokémon Snap

  4. In one of Coronation Street‘s most controversial storylines, which character played by Georgia Taylor was brutally beaten and raped in an alley by her friend Phil Simmonds? Toyah Battersby

  5. Which zone replaced Industrial in the latter three series of The Crystal Maze? Ocean

  6. Which American actor was the second husband of Mary Pickford and the host of the very first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929? Douglas Fairbanks

  7. Which American singer voices Penny in Disney’s Bolt and stars as Ronnie Miller in The Last Song and Lola Williams in LOL? Miley Cyrus

  8. Who’s on First? is a famous baseball-themed comedy routine by which American comedy duo? Abbott and Costello

  9. The ninja Joe Musashi is the principal protagonist of which series of action-platform games developed by Sega? Shinobi

  10. Which American brothers are best known for directing the comedy films Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin, Shallow Hal, The Perfect Catch, The Three Stooges (2012) and There’s Something About Mary? Farrelly brothers (Peter and Bobby)


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