Specialist: 16th August

From the birthday-themed quiz on 16/8/16.

  1. Field Marshal, CBE (Conqueror of the British Empire) and Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas are among the many titles self-bestowed by which dictator, who died on 16th August 2003? Idi Amin

  2. In which war were the Battle of Camden (British victory) and the Battle of Bennington (decisive British loss), both of which took place on 16th August, albeit in different years? American Revolution (American War of Independence)

  3. Sophie, Calcifer and the Witch of the Waste are characters in which 2004 Studio Ghibli film, based on a fantasy novel of the same title by English author Diana Wynne Jones (born 16th August 1934)? Howl’s Moving Castle

  4. On 16th August 2009, Usain Bolt set the men’s 100m world record of 9.58s at the IAAF Athletics World Championships in which European capital city? Berlin

  5. Which Swiss mathematician, who died on 16th August 1705, lends his surname to a sequence of rational numbers that are computed by what is commonly regarded as the first computer program, written by Lord Byron’s daughter Ada Lovelace for Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine in the 1840s? Jakob Bernoulli

  6. In which city in Ontario, Canada were the inaugural British Empire Games, later the Commonwealth Games, opened on 16th August 1930? Hamilton

  7. Which American weekly magazine’s first issue was published on August 16th 1954 with a cover depicting Eddie Mathews and Wes Westrum in Milwaukee County Stadium — and for a bonus point, which multiple-Oscar-winning film director was born on this very day in the town of the town Kapuskasing in Ontario, Canada? Sports Illustrated; James Cameron

  8. In a letter presented to the UN Security Council on 16th August 2003, which country formally admitted responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing of 1988? Libya

  9. Born on 16th August 1929, which American jazz pianist played on five and co-wrote two of the six tracks on the best-selling jazz album of all time, Kind of Blue by the Miles Davis sextet? Bill Evans

  10. Released on 16th August 1930, Fiddlesticks, the world’s first colour sound cartoon, was created by which American animator following his departure from Walt Disney earlier that year? Ub Iwerks


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