Specialist: Adolf Hitler

From the quiz on 9/8/16.

  1. In 1923, Hitler was arrested and imprisoned for treason after attempting to seize power in the so-called Beer Hall Putsch in which German city — and for a bonus point, who was acting leader of the NSDAP until Hitler’s release from prison in December 1924? Munich; Alfred Rosenberg

  2. Which businessman wrote the autobiography My Life and Work and published a collection of antisemitic articles known as the The International Jew, translations of which were read by and influenced Hitler during his time in prison in 1924? Henry Ford

  3. Which common three-word English phrase is taken from a speech during a trial of 1930 in which Hitler, having been called as a witness, describes the retribution that his party will exact for the revolutionary events of November 1918? Heads will roll

  4. What is the usual English name of the Kehlsteinhaus, a mountain retreat overlooking the town of Berchtesgaden that was given by the Nazi Party to Hitler on his 50th birthday? Eagle’s Nest

  5. Who became Chancellor of the Reich on Hitler’s death on 30th April 1945, but killed himself along with his wife and all six of his children after just one day? Joseph Goebbels


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