Geography 28

From the quiz on 9/8/16.

  1. The capital of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia shares its name with which town in West Yorkshire? Halifax

  2. The Bonneville Salt Flats, on which the land speed record has been broken repeatedly since 1935, are located in which US state? Utah

  3. Ben Macdui, the second-highest peak in Scotland and the UK as a whole, is situated in which mountain range? Cairngorms

  4. Which two Asian countries were formerly connected by a chain of shoals known as Adam’s Bridge (or Rama Setu), but are now separated by the Palk Strait? India and Sri Lanka

  5. In meteorology, an isobar is a line on a weather map connecting points that have what equal property? Atmospheric pressure

  6. Which two sovereign states have national flags that depict dragons? Bhutan and Malta

  7. What colour is the flag awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education to beaches and other coastal areas deemed to be of exceptional quality? Blue

  8. In which island country is the westernmost point of Africa? Cabo Verde

  9. The limestone promontories known as the Great Orme and Little Orme are situated either side of which Welsh town? Llandudno

  10. Which German city, located just 30 miles from the city of Luxembourg, is home to the oldest cathedral in Germany, the Karl Marx House museum and the ruins of three separate Roman baths? Trier


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