Specialist: Oasis

From the quiz on 19/7/16.

  1. In 1995, which Oasis song was beaten to number one by Blur’s Country House in a much-publicized “battle of Britpop” (as it was dubbed by many media outlets)? Roll with It

  2. Which Oasis song, originally released as a B-side to Whatever in 1994, is used as the theme tune to the BBC sitcom The Royle Family? Half the World Away

  3. Different Gear, Still Speeding and BE were the only two studio albums by which band formed by Liam Gallagher after the acrimonious split of Oasis in 2009? Beady Eye

  4. Which English musician features as a guest guitarist and backing vocalist on Oasis’s 1996 song Champagne Supernova? Paul Weller

  5. At the Brit Awards in 2010, which album by Oasis received a special award for the best album of the past thirty years? (What’s the Story) Morning Glory


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