Science, nature & technology 29

From the quiz on 19/7/16.

  1. In particle physics, the positron is the antimatter equivalent of which subatomic particle? Electron

  2. The basilisk, a large lizard native to the Americas, is commonly nicknamed the Jesus Christ lizard because of what unusual ability? Walking on water

  3. The process of uranium enrichment increases the proportion of which uranium isotope relative to the more common but non-fissile isotope, Uranium-238? Uranium-235

  4. In mathematics, which object is most commonly represented by a left and right brace ({}) or a symbol resembling a capital letter O with superimposed forward slash (∅)? Empty set

  5. For what does the name of the contraceptive implant IUD stand? Intrauterine device

  6. Which ringed planet of the Solar System has the Great Dark Spot, an anticyclonic storm similar to Jupiter’s Great Red Spot? Neptune

  7. In game theory, what adjective is applied to a game in which a gain for one player corresponds with an identical loss for the other? Zero-sum

  8. Which Scottish chemist discovered or co-discovered all six noble gases, and was awarded the 1904 Nobel Prize in Chemistry “in recognition of his services in the discovery of the inert gaseous elements in air”? William Ramsay

  9. Which broad category of electromagnetic radiation has a wavelength shorter than that of visible light but longer than that of X-rays? Ultraviolet

  10. Which vein in the leg, which runs between the top of the foot and the upper thigh, is the longest vein in the human body? Great saphenous vein


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