Entertainment 36

From the quiz on 5/7/16.

  1. Which female comedian hosted Radio 4’s The News Quiz from 2006 to 2015, is the current host of the revived Fifteen to One and will replace Stephen Fry as host of QI from 2016? Sandi Toksvig

  2. Which 2001 sci-fi film, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Haley Joel Osment as an android named David, is dedicated to Stanley Kubrick, who worked on it for many years before seeking Spielberg’s involvement? A.I. Artificial Intelligence

  3. Royston Vasey, the setting for the BBC comedy series The League of Gentlemen, is the real name of which English comedian? Roy “Chubby” Brown

  4. Gizza job!” is a catchphrase from which 1982 BBC miniseries, which was written by Alan Bleasdale and follows a group of five unemployed Liverpudlians in Thatcher-era Britain? Boys from the Blackstuff

  5. Which MOBA video game is played at The International, an annual world championship which has the largest prize pool of any eSports tournament ($18.4m in 2015)? Dota 2

  6. Which American actor and singer hosts Drag Race, a US reality TV show similar to America’s Next Top Model but in which contestants vie to become America’s Next Drag Superstar? RuPaul

  7. Which American sitcom stars Kat Dennings as the impoverished Max Black and Beth Behrs as millionaire’s daughter Caroline Channing, two roommates who work at the Williamsburg Diner to fund their own cupcake business? 2 Broke Girls

  8. Which Coronation Street family has members called David (played since 2000 by Jack P. Shepherd), Bethany (played since 2015 by Lucy Fallon), Kylie (played 2010–16 by Paula Lane) and Sarah (played since 1999 by Tina O’Brien)? Platt

  9. The controversial 1997 PC racing game Carmageddon, in which racers can mow down pedestrians for bonus time, was heavily inspired by which cult 1975 film starring David Carradine? Death Race 2000

  10. The 1986 film Under the Cherry Moon, which stars Kristin Scott Thomas in her feature-film acting début but won five Golden Raspberry Awards, was the directorial début of which American singer–songwriter? Prince


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