Science, nature & technology 28

From the quiz on 28/6/16.

  1. What is the common name for the human ear bone known technically as the malleus? Hammer

  2. Which planet of the Solar System rotates about its axis in the opposite direction from that of the Sun, has a dense atmosphere principally composed of CO₂, and has the longest day, which lasts just over 243 Earth days? Venus

  3. Ailurus fulgens (“shining cat”) is the binomial name of which raccoon-like carnivorous mammal native to the Himalayas and southern China? Red panda

  4. Which genetic disorder is most commonly caused by an extra copy of chromosome 21, the smallest of all human chromosomes? Down’s syndrome

  5. What Latin name is given both in entomology to the last, often winged, stage of an insect’s development, and in Jungian psychoanalysis to an idealized conception of a person, especially a parent, that subconsciously influences a person’s behaviour? Imago

  6. In chemistry, a silicone is a synthetic polymer based on a chain of alternating silicon and which other chemical element? Oxygen

  7. In metres per second and to the nearest million, what is the speed of light in a vacuum? 300 million or 3×10⁸ [exactly 299,792,458 m·s⁻¹ by definition]

  8. Which Greek polymath, who is credited with inventing the discipline of geography, lends his name to an algorithmic so-called sieve for finding prime numbers up to a fixed limit? Eratosthenes

  9. The most common cause of an enlarged thyroid gland and accompanying neck swelling known as a goitre is a deficiency of which chemical element with atomic number 53, which is required for the production of thyroid hormone? Iodine

  10. What is the common name of the acid known formally as 2,4,6-Trinitrophenol, which has molecular formula C₆H₃N₃O₇ and is the chief constituent of lyddite, a high explosive used by the British during the First World War? Picric acid


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