General knowledge 86

From the quiz on 21/6/16.

  1. One molecule of ozone consists of how many atoms of oxygen? 3

  2. In which European capital city are St Vitus Cathedral, Wenceslas Square, an ornate astronomical clock known as the orloj and Charles Bridge, which spans the country’s longest river, the Vltava? Prague

  3. By what name is the Lynx brand of male grooming products known in the majority of countries outside the UK, including the USA and France, its country of origin? Axe

  4. Laws, Symposium and Republic are major surviving works by which ancient Athenian philosopher? Plato

  5. Which part of the human skull consists of two bones called the maxilla and mandible? Jaw

  6. Which American car company, now a luxury brand owned by General Motors, has a logo consisting of three heraldic shields within a circle? Buick

  7. What name of French origin is given to the small magnifying glass used by jewellers and watchmakers? Loupe

  8. What is the literal meaning, in reference to two elements of nature, of the Chinese philosophical system feng shui? Wind and water

  9. What animal was Athena, whom Florence Nightingale rescued in Athens, hand-reared and kept as a pet in her pocket? (Little) owl

  10. Its name being the only valid anagram of the word ‘scrabble’ (in the standard international word list, CSW), which variant of Scrabble permits the playing of any anagram of any acceptable word (e.g. ELWEH for WHEEL or UYJIC for JUICY)? Clabbers


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