Specialist: Michael Jackson

From the quiz on 14/6/16.

  1. Which American actor, known for his many roles in classic horror films, delivers a monologue and maniacal laugh at the end of Michael Jackson’s song Thriller? Vincent Price

  2. In 1984, Michael Jackson received second-degree scalp burns after his hair caught fire while filming an advertisement for which drink? Pepsi

  3. In 2001, which American nu metal band reached number three in the UK singles charts with a rock cover of Smooth Criminal? Alien Ant Farm

  4. In 2002, which of his sons did Michael Jackson dangle over a third-floor hotel balcony in Berlin? Prince Michael II (aka Blanket)

  5. Michael Jackson’s iconic single white glove and moonwalk both made their public dĂ©buts during his performance of which song on a 1983 TV special celebrating the 25th anniversary of Motown Records? Billie Jean


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