Fashion & beauty 8

From the quiz on 14/6/16.

  1. Which food lends its name to a thin shoulder strap commonly used on women’s clothing? Spaghetti

  2. In the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, Jennifer Saunders’s character Edina Monsoon is obsessed with the clothes of which French fashion designer? Christian Lacroix

  3. Which supermarket has a clothing range named Tu? Sainsbury’s

  4. In the 1960s, which street in Soho became the centre of the fashion scene of Swinging London, proving particularly popular with mods and hippies? Carnaby Street

  5. For what does the name of the Swedish clothing company H&M stand? Hennes & Mauritz [after two companies that originally merged to form it]

  6. What nationality are fashion models Genevieve Morton, Tanit Phoenix and Candice Swanepoel? South African

  7. What name is given to a cosmetic applied as a base to improve the coverage and lasting effect of a second cosmetic, especially foundation? Primer

  8. In 1947, which French fashion designer introduced his extravagant New Look, which featured clothes with narrow waists, full skirts and accentuated busts, conferring a womanly hourglass figure on the wearer? Christian Dior

  9. The British luxury fashion company Russell & Bromley specialize in which items of clothing and which fashion accessories? Footwear [accept shoes/boots] and handbags

  10. English model Kate Moss shot to fame in 1993 when she appeared lying naked on a black sofa in an advert for Obsession, a men’s fragrance by which American fashion house? Calvin Klein


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