Trivia collision 6

From the quiz on 17/5/16.

  1. Which two-word phrasal verb can mean to record in writing, to suppress (a rebellion), to pay (a deposit), to land a plane, to stop reading, to attribute or ascribe, to kill (an animal) humanely, to disparage and humiliate, or to lay (a baby) to bed? Put down

  2. The name of which gardening implement can also refer to a sloping angle, a dissolute man, and a number of railway carriages or wagons coupled together? Rake

  3. Which single English word can mean to depart in haste, a style of singing, animal droppings and a silvery fish found in the Indo-Pacific? Scat

  4. What name (forename and surname) is shared by a Welsh two-time World Snooker Champion, a major character from Holby City played by Robert Powell, an English actor noted for his appearances in The Fast Show and a Liberal Democrat politician who is the current MP for Ceredigion? Mark Williams

  5. Which item of food lends its name to a type of camera lens, a type of theatrical make-up and an emergency landing performed by an aircraft with its wheels retracted? Pancake

  6. Which Hindu goddess shares her name with a type of sherbet from northern England and a plant formerly used to make soap and glass? Kali

  7. What single English word can mean a plant of the genus Brassica prized for its oil, to plunder or despoil, an historical division of Sussex, or the stalks and skins of grapes left after wine-making that are used in making vinegar? Rape

  8. The name of which alcoholic drink can also mean a machine for processing cotton, a trap for catching small animals and an offensive Australian term for an Aboriginal woman? Gin

  9. What name (forename and surname) is shared by an American minimalist composer noted for his opera Nixon in China, an English astronomer who predicted the existence of Neptune, the last-surviving HMS Bounty mutineer and an Irish doctor who was suspected of murdering over 160 of his patients in the mid–20th century? John Adams

  10. Which card game shares its name with a species of oak native to the United States, a flexible truncheon typically made of leather-encased lead, a variety of the zinc ore sphalerite and a tar-coated leather container used historically as a beer tankard? Blackjack


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