Geography 24

From the quiz on 17/5/16.

  1. Which of the boroughs of New York City is largest by area? Queens

  2. In 2005, Naypyidaw replaced Rangoon as the capital of which country in Southeast Asia? Myanmar (Burma)

  3. What is the only African country that borders both the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean? South Africa

  4. The Vidin–Calafat bridge, more formally known as the New Europe Bridge, connects which two European countries across a shared stretch of the Danube? Romania and Bulgaria

  5. The colossal statue of Christ the Redeemer stands atop which mountain in Rio de Janeiro? Corcovado

  6. Monument Valley, whose vast orange–red buttes and mesas have served as the backdrop for many films set in the American Old West, straddles the border between which two US states? Utah and Arizona

  7. The region of Africa known as the Maghreb takes its name from the Arabic for which cardinal point? West

  8. In which country is the river Svir, which flows between the two largest lakes in Europe, Onega and Ladoga? Russia

  9. Which city on the river Seine is the chef-lieu (capital) of the French region of Normandy and formerly of Upper Normandy? Rouen

  10. Which Arab country has the world’s only national flag whose length is more than twice its width, with an unusual aspect ratio (l:w) of 28:11? Qatar


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