Specialist: Justin Bieber

From the quiz on 10/5/16. Download the audio for Q3 and Q6 here.

  1. Before it was surpassed in 2012 by PSY’s Gangnam Style (which also beat it to one billion views in 2014), the most-viewed video on YouTube was the music video for which song by Justin Bieber? Baby

  2. What was the name of Justin Bieber’s pet capuchin monkey, which was confiscated by German customs officers in Munich during his Believe tour in 2013? Mally

  3. **Who is the lead artist on and what is the title of this 2010 song, on which Justin Bieber is a featured vocalist? Sean Kingston; Eenie Meenie

  4. The 2015 UK number-three single Where Are Ü Now was a collaboration between Justin Bieber and Jack Ü, a duo comprising which two electronic music producers? Diplo and Skrillex

  5. Justin Bieber had a small role as serial killer and bomber Jason McCann in two episodes of the eleventh season of which American crime drama? CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

  6. **To which 2010 film is this Justin Bieber song the main theme, and which rapper and actor (who also appears as the film’s title character) does it feature? The Karate Kid; Jaden Smith


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