Food & drink 25

From the quiz on 10/5/16.

  1. Tofu is made from the curd of the milk of which bean native to East Asia? Soya

  2. Which fish is filleted, pickled and rolled around a savoury filling to make a traditional rollmop? Herring

  3. What name, literally meaning “small scraper” in French, is given to a Swiss dish made by heating a cheese of the same name, scraping off the melted side and serving it with potatoes? Raclette

  4. Which province in southwest China lends its name to a citrussy, pepper-like spice made from several species of the genus Zanthoxylum? Sichuan (Szechwan, etc.)

  5. Bresaola is a traditional cured meat from Lombardy made by salting and air-drying which meat for several months until dark purplish-red? Beef

  6. Which American actress lends her name to a non-alcoholic cocktail usually made from grenadine and ginger ale (or other carbonated beverage) with a maraschino cherry as a garnish? Shirley Temple

  7. What three-word French phrase is used for the preparation of dishes and ingredients before the beginning of service in a professional kitchen? Mise en place

  8. Which spicy Indian meat soup has a Tamil name that literally means “pepper water”? Mulligatawny

  9. Which small orange tomato-like fruit of the nightshade family has a name that literally means “bladder” in Greek in reference to its large papery lantern-like husk? Physalis

  10. What is the common name for any fish of the family Acipenseridae, whose members are widely farmed for food and include the particularly-prized sterlet, sevruga and osetr? Sturgeon


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