Specialist: flags

From the quiz on 19/4/16.

  1. Which Asian country has the world’s only national flag whose aspect ratio (height divided by width) is an irrational number? Nepal

  2. Traditionally said to represent the number of syllables in the country’s official motto, which translates as “freedom or death”, how many horizontal stripes are there on the national flag of Greece? 9 (“El·ef·the·ri·a i tha·na·tos”)

  3. Which native bird is shown vulning (wounding) itself to feed its young on the state flag of Louisiana? Pelican

  4. Darkening very slightly the shade of blue used in the leftmost band of the flag of Romania produces the flag of which country in Central Africa? Chad

  5. Along with Australia and New Zealand, which two sovereign countries, both in the South Pacific, feature the Union Jack on their national flag? {NB: excluding Niue and the Cook Islands, which are merely in free association with New Zealand} Fiji and Tuvalu


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