Specialist: tequila

From the quiz on 12/4/16.

  1. Tequila is traditionally made from the fermented sap of the blue tequilana species of which genus of flowering cacti native to Mexico? Agave

  2. Which fruit juice and which sweet syrup must be added to tequila to make a traditional Tequila Sunrise? Orange juice and grenadine

  3. What adjective, meaning “rested” in Spanish, is applied to tequila that has been aged in oak barrels for between two months and a full year? Reposado

  4. What personal name usually replaces Mary when a Bloody Mary is prepared with tequila instead of vodka? Maria

  5. Which Bacardi-owned brand of tequila has a name that means “hunters” in Spanish and may be easily identified by the stag displayed prominently on its label? Cazadores


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