Specialist: The Two Ronnies

From the quiz on 5/4/16.

  1. In the Two Ronnies Mastermind sketch, what is the specialist subject of contestant Charlie Smithers? Answering the question before last

  2. In a sketch set in a restaurant, which language is “made simple” by subtitles in which every syllable is spelt out as a single letter, as in L.O. and F.U.N.E.X.? Swedish

  3. In a One Ronnie sketch set in a greengrocer’s, who plays the shopkeeper that Corbett asks for assistance with his apple and frozen blackberry? Harry Enfield

  4. What is sold by the shop in which Corbett drives proprietor Barker mad by testing the limits of his guiding principle, “Nothing’s too much trouble”? Sweets

  5. In the train crossword sketch, what does Corbett write in as the solution to “It’s red, it smells and it’s often picked in the garden (4)”? Nose


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