Specialist: carpentry and woodwork

From the quiz on 22/3/16. Download the images for Q1, Q3 and Q5 here.

  1. **Which common joint consists of a single, usually cuboidal recess in one piece of wood and matching projection on another? Mortise and tenon

  2. For what does the name of the engineered wood substitute MDF stand? Medium-density fibreboard

  3. **What name, from the French for “broken edge”, is given to a symmetrical sloping surface cut away at an edge or corner at 45°, that is, a 45° bevel? Chamfer

  4. The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker’s Director is an influential book of designs published in 1754 by which English furniture designer, noted in particular for his elegant cabinets? Thomas Chippendale

  5. **What name, reflecting the fact that it was originally used by wheelwrights, is given to a small plane with one handle either side of the blade that is used for smoothing and shaping curved wooden surfaces? Spokeshave


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