Science, nature & technology 24

From the quiz on 22/3/16.

  1. The most common form of which test detects elevated levels of a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), usually in urine or the blood? (Home) pregnancy test

  2. Common, southern hairy-nosed and northern hairy-nosed are the three extant species of which large burrowing marsupial native to Australia? Wombat

  3. In botany, what name, literally meaning “little foot”, is given to a stalk that joins a leaf to the stem? Petiole

  4. The prefix azo-, which is derived from the Greek for “without life”, indicates the presence of which chemical element, whose atomic number is 7? Nitrogen

  5. What colour is the natural dye known as cochineal, which is made by pulverizing the dried bodies of a scale insect of the same name? Red

  6. What does a carminative drug prevent or relieve? Flatulence

  7. What name, ultimately from the Greek for “love potion” via Latin, is given to the vertical groove located between the base of the nose and upper lip in humans? Philtrum

  8. Which English physicist, who won the 1904 Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of argon, gives his name to the type of scattering of electromagnetic radiation that is ultimately responsible for the blue colour of the sky? Lord Rayleigh (John Strutt)

  9. The middle-square method, Blum–Blum–Shub, lagged Fibonacci generator and the Mersenne Twister are mathematical methods for producing sequences of what sort of numbers? (Pseudo)random numbers


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