Specialist: Denmark

From the quiz on 8/3/16.

  1. The Kingdom of Denmark consists of three constituent countries: Denmark, Greenland and which group of islands, whose capital is the city of Tórshavn? Faroe Islands

  2. Which meat is the centrepiece of the national dish of Denmark, stegt flæsk, which is typically served with boiled potatoes and parsley sauce? Pork

  3. With which German state (Land), whose capital and largest city is Kiel, does Denmark have its only land border? Schleswig–Holstein

  4. What is the Danish name of the castle and World Heritage Site located in the eastern city of Helsingør that is perhaps most famous as the setting of Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, in which it is known as Elsinore? Kronborg

  5. Which town in Jutland is home to the headquarters of Lego, the original Legoland theme park and the second-busiest airport in the country? Billund


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