General knowledge 67

From the quiz on 9/2/16.

  1. According to all four canonical Gospels, how many people did Jesus feed with just five loaves and two fish? 5,000

  2. What breed of dog are Ren from The Ren & Stimpy Show, Elle’s pet Bruiser from Legally Blonde and Tinkerbell, the late companion of Paris Hilton? Chihuahua

  3. To which European country does the adjective ‘Helvetic’ refer? Switzerland

  4. Founded in 1623 in Constantinople and therefore one of the oldest in the world, the American company Zildjian is the world’s largest manufacturer of which percussion instrument? Cymbal

  5. Which country’s capital city comes last alphabetically? Croatia (Zagreb)

  6. Before its bankruptcy and eventual closure in 2014, Tokyo-based website Mt. Gox was the world’s largest exchange for which currency? Bitcoin

  7. What are the names of Barack and Michelle Obama’s two daughters? Malia and Sasha (real name: Natasha)

  8. Who plays tenor saxophone on Miles Davis’s seminal 1959 jazz album Kind of Blue? John Coltrane

  9. In which language is the superficially-innocuous English phrase ‘delay no more’ infamous for being a near-homophone of an extremely offensive phrase literally meaning “fuck your old mother”? Cantonese

  10. Which town in Derbyshire hosts an annual Royal Shrovetide Football match in which those born north and south of the river Henmore (called the Up’ards and Down’ards) form two large teams and attempt to score with a leather-bound cork ball at one of two goals placed 3 miles apart? Ashbourne


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