Food & drink 21

From the quiz on 2/2/16.

  1. What seafood is wrapped in bacon in the traditional British dish known as angels on horseback? Oysters

  2. What name, from the French for “jowl”, is given to a mixture of chocolate and cream that is commonly used in confectionery as a glaze or filling? Ganache

  3. In Mexican cuisine, which fruit’s seeds are known as pepitas? Pumpkin

  4. Which town in Greater Manchester lends its name to a small cake made from sweet flaky pastry and currants? Eccles

  5. In which region of Italy is chianti produced? Tuscany

  6. For which national newspaper is A. A. Gill chief restaurant critic? The Sunday Times

  7. Which fish is dried and salted to make the Portuguese dish bacalhau and the Spanish dish bacalao? Cod

  8. Which summer cocktail is typically made from vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice and served with a slice of lime? Sea Breeze

  9. In Japanese cuisine, what name is given to a dish of salted soybeans that have been boiled in their pods? Edamame

  10. The brown cane sugar known as demerara takes its name from a former Dutch colony in which modern-day South American country? Guyana


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