Specialist: North Korea

From the quiz on 19/1/16. Download the image for Q3 here.

  1. Which country shares its shortest land border with North Korea at just 18km? Russia

  2. What sort of national crisis was the so-called Arduous March, which befell North Korea from the mid- to late 1990s and was caused by a variety of factors, including economic mismanagement and a series of droughts and floods? Famine

  3. Kimjongilia, named in honour of the Eternal President and designed by a Japanese botanist to bloom on his February birthday, is a cultivar of which genus of perennial flowering plants? Begonia

  4. Usually translated into English as “self-reliance”, what is the native Korean name of the official political ideology of North Korea, which emphasizes independence and being in complete control of one’s destiny? Juche

  5. In 2010, an Internet campaign was launched to manipulate an online vote and send which pop star to North Korea as part of his My World Tour? Justin Bieber


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