Specialist: New Zealand flora & fauna

From the quiz on 19/1/16. Download the images for Q2, Q3 and Q5 here.

  1. What is the common name of Cyathea dealbata, an endemic species of tree fern that is a national symbol of New Zealand? Silver fern (Māori name: ponga)

  2. Lepidium oleraceum, a plant endemic to New Zealand that has leaves rich in vitamin C, takes its common name from which explorer, who collected and ate it to ward off scurvy while at sea? (James) Cook

  3. Endemic to the South Island of New Zealand and known to prey on sheep many times their size, the kea (Nestor notabilis) is the only species of parrot that lives in what kind of habitat? Alpine (mountain)

  4. Native to New Zealand and Australia, Eudyptula minor, commonly known as the fairy or little blue, is the smallest species of which bird (family Spheniscidae)? Penguin

  5. What is the common Māori name of any of various large brown grasshopper-like insects endemic to New Zealand whose giant species are the world’s heaviest insects, with a maximum recorded weight of 71g and leg-span of nearly 20cm? Weta


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